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This policy and procedure is applicable for domestic students enrolled at CAC under the Victorian Training Guarantee.

Application for admission as a domestic student must be made using the Domestic Students Enrollment Form .

Students must complete all the fields in the Domestic Students Enrollment Form and send the completed form to CAC along with supporting documents.

Completed Domestic Students Enrollment Form is processed by authorised admissions officer and the application assessed on the basis of the information supplied by the student and eligibility criteria for the course and Skills first funding criteria.

The participants for each program offered by CAC will be selected in a manner that reflects access and equity principles.

Completion of the Application for enrolment form does not imply that CAC will make an offer to the student. When prospective students apply to CAC to study, the following procedure applies:


CAC will follow the following step by step process once the completed application form along with all supporting documents are received from the applicant.

    1. All the required information is completed on the application form including signature of applicant and date.
    2. Admissions officer will assess the applicant’s previous educational qualification(s) (either obtained in Australia or overseas) necessary for studying at the required level of the proposed qualification.
    3. Evidence of English language proficiency sighted by the admissions officer. Generally, if an applicant was born in an English speaking country or has completed 12 years of schooling in English, he/she will be considered meeting this requirement.
    4. Admissions officer will assess the applicant’s eligibility for Skill first funding funding.
    5. An Authorised delegate of CAC will complete the Evidence of Eligibility and Student Declaration form. An authorised delegate of the CAC is defined as:
        • an employee of CAC who has been formally delegated this function from the CEO in writing or,
        • a duly authorised agent of the CAC, and a legally binding agreement between CAC and the agent is in place.
    6. Admissions officer will assess the applicant’s eligibility under specific initiatives of Skills first funding.
    7. Eligibility assessment processes will involve informative discussions with applicant, as well as comprehensive assessments of the circumstances against the eligibility requirements of the Service Agreement
    8. The applicant is given an LLN assessment test to determine the required LLN support for the completion of the course, if required
    9. If the applicant’s educational qualifications do not meet CAC’s admission requirements, other factors may be considered at the discretion of CAC and in accordance with entry requirements of the course(s) as per the training package. These other factors may include:
        • Mature age,
        • Work experience,
        • Attitude and aptitude,
        • Previous academic results,
        • Attendance rate in the previous college,
        • Ability and skills to function in an academic environment,
        • Possibility to succeed in his/her academic endeavors.
    10. Complete the Domestic student eligibility and document checklist
    11. Applicant will be sent an offer letter by the admission’s officer.

Applicants wishing to accept the offer must pay the fee requested in the letter of offer. Once the fee is received by CAC, the admission officer will:

    1. Confirm the enrollment.
    2. Send a welcome pack and email to the student.
    3. Inform the student support officer, if LLN support is required by the student.
    4. Admin Manager will do an internal audit on an ongoing basis for the applications finalised during the week to ensure all applications have required supporting documents and the application form are duly signed and dated.
    5. Any discrepancies found during the process will be immediately rectified by the Admissions officer

General Entry requirements

Applicants who meet the selection criteria will be approved for enrolment in CAC courses. In line with government policy, students with disabilities are fully encouraged to participate in training. Specific entry requirements for each course are listed in the individual course brochure available from CAC. Prospective applicants are strongly advised to carefully read and consider the entry and course requirements before applying for admission at CAC.

Language Literacy and Numeracy

Students undertaking CAC courses will require language, literacy and numeracy capacity equivalent to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). For more details please contact to CAC Admin.

Our prime focus is on delivering quality training and assessment. We ensure that student’s support services are given utmost importance.

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