Focus On Quality

Our Prime Focus Is On Delivering Quality Training And Getting You Job Ready.

We ensure that student’s support services are given utmost importance.  Once enrolled with CAC students have a promising career pathway.  Majority of the students start with single qualification and continue to enhance their career prospects by enrolling in further qualifications that are being provided by CAC.

Planning to study Automotive course in 2023?

Get job ready with the skills employers want.

  • Future of Motor Mechanics

What is the future outlook for motor mechanics?

Covid-19 has brought numerous changes to the landscape of work and employment in Australia, including auto mechanics. But, thankfully, the future's looking bright! During the lockdown, people took the restrictions seriously and left their [...]

Student Success

CAC (Central Australian College) has been wonderful with providing training and opportunities which have helped me enhance my professional skills and build a positive study attitude. One of the best things about being a student of CAC is that I’ve had the opportunity to study with other outstanding students. The trainers are very kind, I have been encouraged from the beginning of my course. I was able to learn a large amount in a short amount of time.  Get in touch with CAC, you will not regret it!

Many Thanks
Zhaoying Niu