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Get job ready for a career in Automotive industry by undertaking one of our leading automotive courses.

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Focus On Quality

Our Prime Focus Is On Delivering Quality Training And Getting You Job Ready.

We ensure that student’s support services are given utmost importance.  Once enrolled with CAC students have a promising career pathway.  Majority of the students start with single qualification and continue to enhance their career prospects by enrolling in further qualifications that are being provided by CAC.

Student Success Story


My name is Anthony Lebnan and I have been going to central Australian college  for over a year studying certificate 3 + 4 in light automotive. CAC has helped me further my knowledge in all aspects of the automotive industry. Having Gadi as my tafe teacher has really been a memorable, successful and fun period of my time doing all my studies at central Australian college. Through all this, the outcome was great, leaving me with a job at a competitive and well established dealership. It’s safe to say that CAC is the place to be. Thanks once again.

Many Thanks
Anthony Lebnan.

CAC has pathway arrangements with Southern Cross University for students to pursue further study.

University Pathway

Our prime focus is on delivering quality training and assessment. We ensure that student’s support services are given utmost importance.

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