Management roles are a must for all ambitious leaders. But are you ready for the responsibility? Here are a few ways to tell whether you’re management material.

Do you have excellent interpersonal skills?

If you are generous with people and find it easy to connect with others, you could be management material. Managers are always having to communicate with others, whether that be during hiring or working with their team. As a manager, you will need to be adept at clearly explaining tasks and describing team expectations. If you’re confident in sharing your knowledge and ideas with colleagues, then that’s a great sign you’re ready for management.

Are you open to learning?

If you’re open to learning, then you’re open to improvement. No manager is perfect, and everyone has something to learn, no matter how experienced they are. If you seek new information on a regular basis and use this to your advantage, then you and your team will work better as a result.

Do you have body language skills?

This may seem like a strange skill to list, but it’s more powerful than you might think. Our body language can show that we’re confident, nervous or annoyed, even before we’ve said a word. Negative body language can alienate, and positive body language can inspire and engage.

According to Forbes, “studies have found that nonverbal cues have over four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say”. Therefore, controlling your own body language and understanding how to decipher the cues of others could set you apart from the rest. If you’re not sure whether you have these skills, ask someone you trust. After all, it’s not easy to know what signals we’re giving off, especially if they’re subconscious!

Do you have training and experience?

Although not essential, training and experience are incredibly valuable attributes for managers. You can gain your knowledge and skills through years of work in the industry or through education. If you feel as though you need more management training, then there are several courses available.

At Central Australian College, we have a range of affordable and flexible management courses that can fit around your work life. From certificate to advanced diploma level, each course considers your knowledge and experience and lets you build on your current skills. 

Do you see the potential in others?

Managers identify and bring out the best in people. If you draw out the potential of people in your team then they will feel valued, motivated and confident in their abilities. Have you helped train others in your current role? Have you recommended someone to take on a task where they succeeded? You might be a fantastic ‘potential spotter.’

There is no perfect recipe for becoming a successful manager. Everyone has their own management style, and every role will require a slightly different skillset. But if you answered yes to some (or all) of the above questions, you could be perfect for a position in management.