CAC-Central Australian College offers various fee payment options to local students who meet the eligibility criteria.

In 2022 you are eligible for a government subsidised training place if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

Not everyone can do Skills First training. Your eligibility depends on lots of things, including:

  • your age
  • what training you’ve done before or are doing now
  • when you did this training

If you think you are eligible, you must contact the training provider before you apply for a course. It will confirm your eligibility and check if there’s a Skills First place available.

Am I eligible?


To be eligible for Skills First training, you must be:

  • an Australian citizen, or
  • an Australian permanent resident, or
  • a New Zealand citizen

Skills First prioritises training for young people (under 20), Apprenticeships and Foundation Skills, and otherwise requires students do progressively higher qualifications to be eligible.

If you are under 20 years old or eligible under the JobTrainer Fund (see below) you can do Skills First training at any level .

If you are 20 years or over, you can usually only do Skills First training at a higher level than any qualification you already have. For example, if you have a Certificate III, you can’t do a subsidised Certificate II course. (Exemption for those under 25 years per JobTrainer below.)

You can also do Skills First training in skill sets. These are accredited short courses to help with quick and flexible training for skills shortages and workforce demands. When you do a skill set, your age and what level of qualification you already have doesn’t affect whether you are eligible.

How much Skills First training can i do?

There are also limits on how much Skills First training you can do. The limits are:

  • You can’t start* more than 2 qualifications in a year
  • You can’t start* more than 2 skill sets in a year
  • You can’t do more than 2 Skills First qualifications or skill sets at the same time
  • If you’ve already started* up to two government-subsidised qualifications at the same level in your lifetime you can’t do another Skills First qualification at that level

These limits encourage you to make informed decisions about your training and employment opportunities, and finish your training.

*This includes courses you start but don’t finish.

Or call us on 1300258369 to check your eligibility.

For more information about Skills First Program.

Training services are provided to eligible individuals with funds made available by the Victorian and Commonwealth funding. Pursuing the courses under Victorian Training Guarantee may impact your access to further government subsidised training.

Fee for Service

Central Australian College Offers the following VET Courses to students:

Cost: Please visit  Cost   CAC-2022-Indicative-annual-tuition-fee

Cost: Please visit  Cost   CAC-2021-Indicative-annual-tuition-fee

Cost: Please visit  Cost   CAC-2020-Indicative-annual-tuition-fee

Cost: Please visit  Cost   CAC-2019-Indicative-annual-tuition-fee

Cost: Please visit  Cost   CAC-2018-Indicative-annual-tuition-fee

*Material fees for all Automotive qualification does not include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used in Automotive workshop. Students need to wear protective wear (PPE) when working in the workshop. Protective wear (PPE) can be purchased from the college.

All fees are valid for 2019. Fees may change during the students’ course of study. Please refer to individual course information for text book and material fees where applicable.

For Full Fee Paying Students CAC will not accept more than $1000 from each individual student prior to the commencement of the course.
For student eligible for Government Funding: Training services are provided to eligible individuals with funds made available by the Victorian and Commonwealth funding. Pursuing the courses under Victorian Training Guarantee may impact your access to further government subsidised training.

Payment Assistance

VET Student Loans – Eligibility

VET student loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements; 

VET student loans give rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.

The FEE-HELP and VET Student Loan are loan schemes, provided by the government, that assist eligible students to pay for all or part of their tuition fees when studying a VET Student Loans eligible course at Central Australian College.

Under a VET Student Loan, the Australian Government pays your tuition fee (up to the loan limit) on your behalf directly to Central Australian College. You repay that loan through the tax system once you earn above the compulsory repayment threshold. The compulsory repayment threshold is different each year. The compulsory repayment threshold for the 2021-22 income year is $47,014.

This amount is subject to change annually; you may view the threshold here.

You must read the information in this page along with the information provided in the Australian Government’s VET Student Loans information booklet.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a VET Student Loan you must:

Be enrolled in an eligible Diploma or Advanced Diploma course

Be an Australian citizen, permanent humanitarian visa holder who is usually resident in Australia, or New Zealand Special Visa holder who meets the long-term residency requirements

Have a HELP balance that is more than $0. Your HELP loan limit is the amount that you can borrow.

Have a Tax File Number issued by the ATO by the unit of study census date

Have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Provide evidence of academic suitability (see Student Entry Procedure VET Student Loan below)

Reside in Australia for the duration of your study.

submit the Request for FEE-HELP loan form to CAC by the census date

You can check your eligibility for a VET Student Loan at

To remain eligible for the VET Student Loan scheme:

  • your course must continue to remain on the approved list of VSL courses
  • you must confirm your engagement and progression online when requested to by the government, otherwise, you may cease being eligible for a VSL. You must maintain a pass-rate of 50 per cent or above to continue to be eligible for FEE-HELP if you are studying at Central Australian College

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements you will not be able to access a VET Student Loan, but you will still be able to study in your course if you meet the course entry requirements and pay your tuition and other applicable fees.

What is the loan limit amount?

For each VET Student Loan approved course, you can borrow up to the lesser of

  • the Loan Cap the Department of Education and Training has set for that course, or
  • the remaining unused balance under your HELP loan limit.

Your HELP loan limit is the maximum amount of FEE-HELP, VET FEE-HELP, VET Students Loans and HECS-HELP you can use to pay for your studies. The HELP loan limit is indexed annually on 1 January. For 2022, the HELP loan limit is $109,206 for most students. Visit the Study Assist website for more information.

Student Eligibility for Tuition Protection Service (TPS)

VSL students studying with private VSL providers are eligible for tuition protection, delivered by the Government’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS), if their provider defaults.

The TPS assists VSL students affected by a provider default. If there is a suitable replacement course available, eligible VSL student will be assisted to continue their studies with a replacement provider. Where there is no suitable replacement course, eligible students will be provided with a re-credit to their HELP balance. This re-credit will be for tuition fees paid using VSL for the original course or parts of the course, which were not completed due to the provider’s default. For further information please refer to the Fees and Refunds Policy and Procedure Domestic Students.

Privacy Notice

Central Australian College manages students’ personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. For students utilising either of the Commonwealth governments student loan schemes (FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan) information provided as part of the application process will upon submission automatically be copied to Services Australia. Students are advised that in accordance with government reporting requirements students details in relation to the loan will automatically be reported to Services Australia.

Students have the right to access personal information, to have the incorrect personal information corrected.

For more information, please refer to the Central Australian College Privacy Policy and Procedure. 

List of Central Australian Courses approved for VET Student Loans 2022

Course Code Course Name Government Subsidised Tuition Fee Fee For Service Tuition Fees VSL Loan Cap
BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management $2,470 $6,000 $10,000
BSB60420 Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management $2,593 $7,000 $10,000
BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) N/A $10,000 $16,000
AUR50216 Diploma of Automotive Technology N/A $6,000 $16,000

Census Dates

A census date is the last day you can make an upfront payment, apply for a HELP loan, or formally withdraw.

If you do not submit your HELP loan form by the census date you will not be eligible to access a HELP loan for that study period.

Central Australian College VET Student Loan Schedule of Fees – 2022

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Diploma of Automotive Technology

Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

Student Entry Procedure VET Student Loan

One of the eligibility requirements for access to tuition fee assistance under the Commonwealth Government’s VET Student Loan scheme is an assessment of your suitability to undertake your chosen course of study.

If you wish to apply for a VET Student Loan, you must either:

  • provide a copy of a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education awarded to you by an agency or authority of a State or Territory for your completion of your Australian Year 12 (VCAL Intermediate or Senior certificate meets requirements); OR
  • an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate IV or higher qualification, or an overseas qualification that has been formally recognised by a Federal, State or Territory government agency which assesses overseas qualifications (or an organisation contracted to undertake such assessments such as VETASSESS) as equivalent to an AQF level Certificate IV or higher qualification; OR
  • undertake a reading and numeracy assessment that demonstrates your competence at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework. Access to the assessment tool will be provided by Centra Australian College as part of our information and enrolment process;

Please note: This assessment is a requirement for the Commonwealth Government to approve your VET Student Loan application.

Central Australian College is required to retain the results of your reading and numeracy assessment for at least five years.

You must publish the student entry procedure specifying the requirements relating to student academic suitability, the process for assessing a student’s competence in reading and numeracy, including the VET Student Loans approved assessment tool used and communication of the assessment results.

You must also publish how you will treat students and handle students’ personal information, including the information you collect and verify when they apply for a VET Student Loan. You must publish the processes and procedures for a student to withdraw from an approved course and also publish cancellation of enrolment processes.