Being an international student is exciting, but it can also be challenging.

The college has a designated Student Support Officer who can be approached to gain advice on academic and personal issues. The Student Support Officer offers professional and confidential advice in areas where they can help. All the service provided by student support for student welfare is free of cost. They can also provide links to external sources of support where the college is not qualified.

The types of common issues that the Student Support Officer is able to provide support are:

    • Academic issues: Students are able to gain advice and support in ensuring they maintain appropriate academic levels. All students’ progress is monitored and guidance and support provided where non satisfactory results are identified.
    • Personal / Social issues: Students have access to the Support officer through normal College hours.
    • Accommodation: The college is able to refer students to appropriate accommodation services and are always available to discuss any issues or concerns a student may have with their accommodation arrangements.
    • Medical Issues Student: Administration will always have an up to date list of medical professionals within access from the college location and any student with medical concerns should inform the student support officer who will assist them in finding a doctor.
    • Social Programs: The student support officer will occasionally organise social events that allow all students enrolled with the college to mingle and socialise. These events may range from cultural and sightseeing events, to dinners, excursions and sporting events.

Beside these, student support will provide following related information services. They are:

    • Visa Information
    • Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment
    • Requests for Letters
    • Student ID Cards
    • Enrollment matters
    • Orientation Information
    • Airport Reception
    • Temporary Accommodation
    • Social and Adjustment Difficulties
    • Welfare Issues
    • Family Support
    • Complaints and Appeals Information
    • Visa Related Matters
    • Referrals to External Agencies or Other Support Services
    • School and Program Policies
    • Safety and Security Information

Student support  services recommends that students make contact as soon as there is a need. Usually more time means more options will be available.

Student Support Utilisation Chart – updated 2022

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