The Graduate Diploma of Management (learning) at Central Australian College provides experienced individuals with the tools they need to succeed.

Whether you’re taking the next step in your career or jumping into a new professional adventure, CAC can help. Developed to produce key players in organisations, this course aims for its graduates to embark upon successful leadership careers.

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business estimates that the demand for highly skilled managers will grow. Therefore, graduates can expect strong employment chances. And with weekly wages around £2,000, holders of this qualification can aim for lucrative careers in the industry.

The purpose of this course is to produce capable, confident students ready for senior management positions across various industries. Graduates will have highly specialised knowledge, be able to work with complex ideas and be equipped to guide organisations toward their business objectives.

Some of our students come from studying Bachelor degrees whereas others have gained knowledge through work in the field. This diverse range of entrants contributes to a richer learning environment, one where students can be educated and inspired by their peers as well as their teachers.

At CAC, we know that not everyone learns in the same way, so our course is delivered through a variety of educational styles. Face-to-face tutorials are combined with case study analysis, discussions on key points and presentations. In addition, we simulate workplace environments to equip you with the knowledge and experience to tackle real-world business situations.

Assessment is also varied, consisting of written and verbal assignments, unique case studies and presentations. By utilising different techniques to convey ideas, you will gain the skills necessary to communicate within a business. We don’t want to create everyday management professionals; we want to produce individuals who are ready to take charge in their industry. Graduates will feel confident in their ability to lead effectively with knowledge that is backed up by practical experience.

A strength of this course is its transferable skills. Following the completion of the GDM, students can embark upon higher-level qualifications that lead to a relevant Masters degree. Alternatively, they can return to work with a plethora of new knowledge or follow a new career path entirely. At CAC, we provide our students with advice on career development and training options to make sure you achieve your course goals and move successfully into your chosen field.

Jobs on offer to graduates include director of workforce development, general manager, management consultant and many more. Those with a GDM can expect to lead teams, manage senior business areas and contribute to the high-level running of their organisation. Graduates will also possess a higher earning potential due to their enhanced and much-sought-after skill set.

The Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) is perfect for developing your skills and knowledge and advancing your career. If you’re ready to leap into the next stage of your educational and professional development, then join us at Central Australian College. We strive to help you get to where you want to be. See you on campus!