Automotive courses are designed for a wide range of mechanics – from school leavers to those with years of experience. But with so many to choose from, how do you decide which is right for you?

Here, we explain each of the five courses offered by us at Central Australian College.

Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology (AUR20516)

This course is designed to prepare students for careers in the automotive industry. However, this course alone will not qualify you as a motor mechanic. Rather, it is intended to recognise and develop the skills of existing workers and prepare students for certificate III.

Jobs available after studying certificate II include lube attendant and mechanic’s assistant.

The course takes 22 weeks to complete and will provide you a basic working knowledge of vehicle components. There are 20 units to complete that cover safe workplace practices, inspection, testing, servicing and repair. You will learn to communicate with customers and colleagues and graduate feeling prepared for a career in the automotive industry.

To be accepted on the course, you will need to have completed Australian year 10 (or equivalent) and you will need to complete a literacy and numeracy test upon enrolment.

This course is perfect for school leavers or workers who need to support and advance their current knowledge. It provides an excellent base of knowledge for those wanting to become skilled motor mechanics.

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR30616)

Certificate III will qualify you as a motor mechanic. This qualification will equip you will the essential knowledge and skills needed to work on light motor vehicles.

This is a 52-week course. However, local students can study over three years as part of an apprenticeship scheme. For those choosing the apprenticeship route, you will earn while you learn and gain valuable industry experience. Whichever option you choose, we at CAC will ensure that you graduate feeling confident in your abilities and ready to pursue your automotive career.

During your training, you will learn to inspect, test, service, diagnose and repair engines and vehicle components. You will also address safe work practices and learn how to work professionally with both customers and colleagues.

Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis (AUR40216)

If you’re currently working as a motor mechanic or have recently completed the cert III and want to advance your skills, then this course is for you. The certificate IV provides advanced training for those wishing to develop their diagnostic and technical skills.

Throughout the course, you will learn to diagnose complex faults and administer more technical repairs. You will also learn to manage environmental and sustainability best practice in the workplace.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified to take on new motor mechanic trade roles such as automotive lead or master technician or an automotive technical adviser.

Diploma of Automotive Management (AUR50116)

If you want to become a manager and leader in the automotive industry, then this diploma is designed to help you get there.

No matter which sector of the automotive industry you work in, the Diploma of Automotive Management supports the diverse range of tasks that you would be required to complete.

Budgetary and financial planning is covered as well as team management, employee relations, workplace safety practices, customer issues, and environmental and sustainability best practice. With a broad range of skills such as these, you will be able not only to manage but to lead effective teams, driving them to success.

Diploma of Automotive Technology (AUR50216)

If you have dreams of working at the forefront of the industry, working on the latest vehicles and engines, you must always update and improve your skills. The Diploma of Automotive Technology builds upon your existing skills and knowledge in vehicle diagnosis and repair and prepares you for advanced vehicle work.

There are numerous subdisciplines within automotive technology, so by training at this higher diploma level, you will be prepared for further specialisation in the industry. As you work through the study units, you will learn to conduct research and present reports, analyse and evaluate faults in vehicle systems and quote for machinery modifications. You will also begin to develop policies and procedures relating to work.

After completing the course, you will be capable of working as an advanced technician or a designer. Of course your professional development doesn’t have to end there. You can continue onto an advanced diploma course and eventually university.

The sky’s the limit when you study automotive technology. You could find yourself working for the world’s more respected companies, developing technology that will change the way we live and travel.

The future of automotive is exciting!

There has never been a more exciting time to train in automotive technology. With advancements in driverless cars, electric vehicles and environmentally friendly technology, the future looks bright.

With the continual evolution in automotive technologies, your training and development will be essential to your professional progression. At Central Australian College, we offer you the chance to work from the ground up, establishing solid technical foundations and building you up to where you want to be. Who knows, you could find yourself at the forefront of the industry in a matter of years.

Whether you want to work in a local garage or as an advanced technician for companies like Tesla or Ferrari, you can learn the tools of the trade at Central Australian College. We have the experience and know-how to help you on the road to success.