Enroll in English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

The course is suited for students at all levels from Beginner to Advanced (General English). Studies concentrate on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students learn practical English for work, study and every-day situations.

The length of the course is based on the student’s current level of English.

ELICOS – English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students

General English / English for Academic Purpose 

General English Level I (GE1)

General English Level II (GE2)

English for Academic Purpose I (EAP1)

English for Academic Purpose II (EAP2)

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Levels Beginner to Advanced
Level Completion 10 Weeks Class, 1 Week Break
Intake Weekly (every Monday)
Application Fees AU $250 (Non Refundable)
Material Fees AU $100 (Maximum) per student
Tuition Fees AU $253 per week


1.Identify the context and purpose of the simple directions or instructions

2.Understand simple transactional communications on familiar topics

3. Locate important details about how the directions or instructions should be followed

4. Identify audience and purpose for the simple instructional text

5. Scan simple information text and identify the main ideas

6. Follow simple, clearly set out instructions of transactional texts on digital forms

7. Identify simple social messages from oral and written texts.

8. Identify simple, high-frequency of modifying devices for communication skills


1. Convey information in a series of short sentences

2.Locate supporting information from digital media

3. Use sentences and connectives to develop short instructional and informational texts

4. Convey simple information of transactional texts in a series of short sentences

5. write short, simple transactional texts from visual texts

6. Follow simple, high-frequency relationships expressed in the written texts

7. Plan and draft a simple information text

8. Proofread and correct final draft

9. Confirm audience and purpose for the simple information text


1. Identify and respond to simple, everyday transactional and limited social needs

2. Respond to a limited verbal discourse on social situations

3. Express personal information in a limited precision

4. Give short, basic information of familiar situations and needs

5. Communicate simple routine needs of familiar situations

6. Use learning strategies to exchange verbal information with support person

7. Use simple, high-frequency and tentative connectives to express personal and social needs.

8. Modify utterance to express uncertainly by single word or other simple devices


1. Listen and respond to short, simple instructions and directions of information on limited range of familiar topics

2. Listen and respond to simple, short and clear messages from aural and written texts

3. listen and respond to simple, short texts in the digital media

4. Identify and locate simple, short information from oral and visual texts

5. Identify simple, high-frequency relationships of language conventions from aural texts

6. Convey simple personal information in a series of short sentences (to a written text)

7. Follow contiguous utterances from aural/oral texts for repetition or mime and gesture

8. Discriminate the ‘tone’ of utterances in straightforward situations.

9. Understand basic questions and statements in simple verbal transactional texts



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