A Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications establishes the foundations for students to build successful marketing careers. Here, we outline ten skills that you will learn during your studies.

  1. Communication

It goes without saying that communication is essential for a career in marketing. When you’re on the job, not a day will go by when you don’t have to speak with a client, manager, stakeholder or customer. Therefore, certificate IV addresses communication at almost every stage.

Whether it be through group work, class discussion or presentation, your communication skills will be developed and honed throughout your studies. And by the time you graduate, you will be ready to pitch marketing plans like a pro!

2. How to create great content

According to Bill Gates in his 1996 essay, Content is King. And this is not lost in our marketing courses at CAC. Certificate IV encourages students to create original, exciting content that can launch and promote products. One term, you could find yourself putting together a website and blog and the next term, you could be launching a social media campaign!

If you have creative skills, use them. Show off your video editing expertise and wow the class with your design prowess. One of the great things about a marketing course is that you can use your existing knowledge and apply it to your projects.

3. Presenting

Part and parcel of every marketing campaign is the pitch to a prospective client or stakeholder. Therefore, you need to know how to present and articulate your ideas.

Several units within our marketing courses require you to make presentations. Although this may be a daunting prospect for some, your trainer will guide you as much as they can. You will be taught how to create impactful presentations that will wow an audience by using techniques such as storytelling, positive body language and visual aids. By the end of the course, you will be able to stand in front of a crowd with confidence.

4. Putting reports together

A key element of the marketing and communications certificate IV is putting together reports. From customer profiles to market research reporting, you will learn to compile information valuable to any marketing campaign.

Your trainer will provide instruction for the report layout and content and ensure that all final reports meet exacting standards. Even if you’ve never compiled a report before, you will graduate with the skills required to make marketing decisions based on concrete facts and research.

5. How to apply digital solutions to work

Digital processes have transformed the world of marketing. In particular, digital marketing has become one of the most powerful tools that a business can harness.

As you work through the course material, you will become familiar with Google Ads, online purchase funnels and analytics. These will help inform your online marketing practices, streamlining your work and helping you focus on productive outcomes.

6. Social media marketing

During your studies, you will create social media profiles, plan future content and explain why you’re making particular choices. This skillset will be essential in your career and an excellent addition to your CV.

Social media marketing isn’t about putting together an attractive Instagram profile. It’s about creating targeted, well thought out campaigns that will connect with your perfect audience.

Discover how social media can engage audiences, build followings and create communities around a product or service. And explore how to use social media to grow a brand and establish your company as a market leader.

7. How to implement exemplary customer service

Who is most important to your business? Your customers! Therefore, exceptional customer service will be crucial within your marketing efforts.

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications explores how customer service can help a business when done well and harm it when done poorly. You will look at every aspect of customer experience, from website navigation to complaints procedures. And you will learn how to build customer loyalty and turn that loyalty into profits.

8. Market research

You cannot launch an effective marketing campaign if you don’t understand your market. Market research will help you identify potential customers, examine how they might view your business and analyse where there may be gaps in customer expectations.

By learning solid market research techniques, you will minimise risk when making decisions and create a solid foundation for marketing campaigns.

9. Teamwork

While there are solo projects during Certificate IV Marketing and Communications, many assessments will be completed as part of a group. Your trainer will go over how this will work and how teams are formed.

In your groups, you will put together projects, allocate tasks and present your work to your class. Working as a part of a team replicates a workplace environment, preparing you for a successful marketing career.

Your trainer will guide you every step of the way and help whenever you need.

10. Promotion

Promotion is one of the ‘7 Ps of marketing’ and is the very essence of the trade. Promotion is all about speaking to your target audience and informing them of the merits of your product.

During the Certificate IV, you will learn to promote products and services through social media, advertising, direct marketing, PR and sales incentives. The assessment tasks are challenging and fun and allow you to use your creativity and ingenuity to create exciting and engaging promotional campaigns.

Next steps

After completing your marketing course, you can either progress to a diploma or apply for marketing jobs. Marketing is a vast industry and there are numerous job roles available that will suit your knowledge and expertise. For example, you could apply for positions as a marketing officer, market research assistant, PR officer or content creator. Whatever you choose, you’re entering a growing industry, and so there are countless opportunities available!