Combining modern metropolitan living with startling natural beauty, Hobart is a unique and wonderful place in which to live and study. Discover why you should enrol with Central Australian College in Tasmania’s glorious capital city.

1. It’s great value for money

Ranked as having the lowest student living costs in Australia, Hobart is the perfect place to study on a budget. Almost everything is cheaper: from accommodation to travel.

Students typically spend 30-40% of their budget on housing and in Hobart you can make some real savings. Compared to Sydney (Australia’s most expensive student city), Hobart’s rental prices are roughly 50% lower at $150-$270 per week.

Accommodation isn’t the only thing that’s cheaper in Hobart. Grocery costs are 10-15% lower than in Sydney or Melbourne, and if you choose to dine out then you can save up to 10% on your bill. Public transport is also great value, with day tickets costing about two thirds of those in Sydney and Melbourne.

Student life isn’t just about the course you study, but also the times you have. By studying in Hobart, you can save your money for things that you love. Embark upon adventures in the city, go out with friends, explore the incredible island of Tasmania, and make some incredible memories.

2. It’s safe

Studies consistently place Tasmania as one of the safest regions in Australia, with Hobart ranking as the safest capital city in the country. The locals are also praised for being friendly, laid-back and welcoming.

Transport is quick and well-run, and traffic jams are few and far between, making it easy to get around. Most students can also walk freely around Hobart, even in the evenings. For anyone who has had enough of big city life with the all-too-familiar wail of sirens, Hobart offers a refreshing alternative.

3. The education is excellent

Central Australian College is committed to the success of its students. Whether you’re embarking upon a graduate course, or starting on a new educational journey, we’re there to support you every step of the way.

Our Hobart campus is centrally located and boasts modern classrooms and excellent facilities. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are not only enthusiastic about their topic but keen to help their students progress.

Student support is of the utmost importance at CAC. We want to make sure that each student feels comfortable and settled not only in their course, but in their student life as well. New to Hobart? Then we have advice on housing and city life to help you adjust to your new home. No matter where you’re from or what you are studying, we are committed to helping you succeed.

Sunset at Bruny Island, Hobart

4. The natural surroundings are out of this world!

You don’t need to venture far from Hobart to experience its superb wildlife. Mount Wellington is less than a 30 minute drive away and Bennets Wallabies, seals, penguins and wedge-tailed eagles can all be spotted close to the city. You may even catch a glimpse of the elusive Tasmanian Devil! With 40% of the island occupied by beautiful national parks, reserves and World Heritage Sites, you’ll be amazed at the abundance of natural beauty on your doorstep.
And take a deep breath while you’re there – you’ll be breathing some of the cleanest air in the world. If you like hiking trails, breathtaking views and getting into nature then Hobart is for you. Trust us, it’s gorgeous!

5. It’s laid back

Australia is renowned for its laid-back attitude and easy-going lifestyle and Tasmania is no exception. This beautiful island is likened to a paradise, with its delicious food and wine, temperate climate, friendly locals, and abundance of outdoor activities. Hit the beach, learn to surf and enjoy small-city-living on an Australian island.

6. You can experience Australian art and culture

As the second oldest city in Australia, Hobart boasts several historical sites that reveal its colourful past. Stroll along the historic waterfront, sail into the harbour like the earliest English settlers and visit Australia’s oldest brewery. Did you know that in the 1830s there was a pub for every 200 people?

Hobart may be small, but it’s mighty. While it may not have the open-all-hours culture and lifestyle of larger cities, it’s not lacking in things to do. Explore the Salamanca market, sample the local food and enjoy the sometimes controversial but always unique Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

If you’re more of a night-owl, then there are bars and nightclubs open late and wonderful pubs serving up some of the best beers and wines Australia has to offer. And a benefit of small city life is that, after a night out on the town, it’s easy to get home – and cheap!

Being on the smaller side, Hobart has fewer international students than in other major Australian cities. This means that there are more native English speakers. So if English is your second language, Hobart will give you a perfect chance to practice and improve.

7. You can work while you study

As a student in Australia, you are permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight, or longer hours during holidays. Working while you study not only allows you to make money but also get involved in Aussie life. Practice your English (if it’s not your first language), meet the locals, and feel a part of your new community.

Speak to our Student Support Services if you need any advice on working while you study.

If you’d like to learn more or apply to study with us in Hobart, then you can find everything you need here.