Every year, thousands of international students flock to study in Australia, and it’s no mystery why. With its high educational standards and world-class quality of life, Australia offers students the chance to learn in one of the most naturally beautiful and culturally diverse places on earth.

Become an adaptable and skilled worker

Australian colleges understand the requirements of the global job market. As a result, they tailor their courses to produce highly skilled graduates ready to tackle the world of work. They identify skills gaps, consult with employers and business leaders, and adapt their curriculum to meet industry demand. Each educational institution will provide you with the theoretical knowledge to reinforce your practical skills and make you feel confident in your professional abilities.

Study at the highest level

Australian education is world-leading, and Vocational Education and Training (VET) is no exception. Each course is industry focussed and dedicated to teaching real-world skills that are exceptionally valuable to employers.

All VET courses can also lead to further education. After graduation, you can move on to the next level of training or pursue a university education. In fact, VET can act as a gateway to degree-level study. Due to the varying educational standards throughout the world, international students can find it challenging to gain admission into an Australian university. By studying VET, students can build upon their current education and achieve the required qualifications to begin a degree.

Gain valuable work experience while you study

Girl working in a cafe

While studying in Australia, you are free to work for 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during holidays. Working for an Australian company allows you to gain fantastic work experience that will be highly regarded in Australia and other countries. Working while you study may even lead to employment after your course and an extended stay in Australia.

Many vocational education and training courses also offer work experience as part of the curriculum. Again, this experience could lead to further employment in Australia or ready you for the international market.

If English is your second language, working while you study will help improve your language skills. You will also experience more of the ‘Aussie’ way of life as you mix and mingle with colleagues and customers alike.

In terms of wages, Australia has a very high minimum wage of $19.84 (last updated November 2020). These additional finances could be a huge help during your studies.

Working while you study is an excellent way to gain experience, make friends, involve yourself in Australian life, and support yourself financially during your studies.

Support is available every step of the way

Whichever educational institution you choose will have a student services team that can offer you support before and during your studies. But additional support is also available. The Australian Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS) ensures that all educational institutions uphold the highest standards. The Act also allows students who are dissatisfied with their course to receive support.

Several Australian towns and cities also have student support centres that offer international students assistance regarding educational, housing, and work issues. You can find further information regarding help for international students here.

Study where you feel safe

Australia has some of the safest towns and cities in the world. Therefore, international students can feel confident and comfortable during their studies. Like all countries, Australia is not free from danger, so we would advise you to research safe suburbs to live in and familiarise yourself with safety protocols for beaches and outdoor spaces.

Australia also has high standards of living with international students enjoying the same housing rights as local residents. It’s worth doing some research before signing a rental lease, but should things go wrong, there are organisations that can offer support. For further information about your rights, responsibilities and support as a renter, please refer to The Australian Government’s Study Melbourne website. Your college can also provide advice when needed.

Join our multicultural society

Modern Australia was built on immigration and it welcomes people from all nationalities. Almost 30% of Australian citizens were born overseas and each person contributes to this country’s rich and diverse culture.

International students in particular are a welcome addition. Reportedly, for every three international students who come to Australia, $1million is generated for the economy. And this doesn’t just come from the tuition fees. International students contribute to the local communities by using public transport, eating at cafes and spending money on tourist attractions. Students also invite friends and family to visit who subsequently spend more money.

By welcoming international students from a range of countries, Australia also builds valuable cultural relations. The Australian Government’s Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) actively seeks to promote its educational programs abroad because it knows the value of positive ties with overseas students. Graduates who return home after studying are more likely to form bonds with Australian industry, thereby building international relations and trade.

Experience the jaw-dropping beauty of Australia

Koala, kangaroo and Great Barrier Reef turtle

Australia is home to some of the most stunning wildlife you can hope to encounter. With several native species unique to the country, including kangaroos, koalas and a myriad of bird species, you are guaranteed to enjoy outdoor experiences that you couldn’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Northern Queensland is proudly home to Sir David Attenborough’s favourite parts of the world: the only place on earth where two UNESCO World Heritage Sites meet – the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Here, you can dive among the coral reef or search for the elusive creatures of the rainforest.

In central Australia, you can visit the sacred site of Uluru. In Victoria, you can travel along the beautiful Great Ocean Road which meanders through rainforests and passes spectacular beaches. In Western Australia, you can meet the ‘happiest animals in the world’, the Quokkas of Rottnest Island. And in New South Wales you can relax on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches while keeping an eye out for migrating whales.

Studying in Australia will be a fantastic experience for you, but it also benefits the country. If you’re thinking about studying in Australia, check out some of our excellent and affordable courses or speak to us for extra information. We have campuses in both Melbourne and Hobart, all offering easy access to the best that the cities have to offer. We hope to say ‘G’day’ to you soon!