There is so much to learn during a business course with Central Australian College. Our Hobart campus enjoys a central CBD location and is equipped with everything our students could need.

Unlock your entrepreneurial side

Do you have a business idea that you want to get off the ground? Or are you looking to supercharge your business? By studying a CAC Hobart business course, you could develop your entrepreneurial skills and build your business in Tasmania.

Mid 2020, Tasmania had the best performing economy in Australia. The country was also COVID-free very quickly during the pandemic, and the Tasmanian Government offered excellent support to businesses. This means that there are ample opportunities in Tasmania for ambitious entrepreneurs!

Develop your communication skills

Excellent communication is the cornerstone of a successful business. From talking to customers, reporting to stakeholders, and negotiating with suppliers, your communication skills will help you build valuable professional relationships.

From certificate to advanced diploma, each of our business courses will advance your communications skills through presentation practice and by learning how to navigate workplace relations.

You will also have the opportunity to work in groups with your classmates. By interacting with team members, you will mimic workplace environments and develop exceptional communication skills.

Learn how to budget and manage finances

Have you ever watched Shark Tank? If you haven’t, it’s a TV show where entrepreneurs pitch for investment. But there is one common mistake that many of them make: they have no idea about their finances.

Rule no.1 in Shark Tank is…know your figures. And it’s the same for any business.

While studying Certificate IV in business, you will get your first introduction to budgets and finances. And if you’re enrolled in the Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, you will delve into budget and financial plan management. No matter which course you take, you will graduate with the financial understanding even a Shark would be impressed by!

You can live cheaply

Students living in Hobart have the cheapest living costs of any students in Australia. Rent can be up to 50% less expensive than Sydney and Melbourne, groceries can be 10-15% cheaper, and you could even save 10% when you go out to dinner.

With your cost of living slashed, you will have the money to explore and do the things you love.

Suppose you decide to extend your stay and potentially become a Tasmania resident. In that case, you could purchase a house or business property for up to half the price of properties in cities like Sydney. That’s an impressive saving!

Get a grip on marketing

Effective marketing is crucial for every business. And it’s only going to grow in importance. Digital marketing in particular is transforming the way we do business. Therefore, each of our business courses addresses its usage in some way.

During Certificate IV in business, students will undertake marketing activities. And during the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, students will learn to develop organisational marketing objectives and customer engagement marketing strategies.

At CAC Hobart, we ensure that our students graduate feeling prepared to tackle the modern business world.

Study in one of the most beautiful places in Australia

Hobart is surrounded by incredible wildlife and bushland. So, after a hard week of studying, you can unwind by exploring the stunning ‘Tassie’ wilderness. Amazingly, 40% of Tasmania is covered by national parks, world heritage sites and reserves, so there is no shortage of things to do. Head to the beach, take a boat tour or search for the Tasmanian Devil. No matter what adventure you’d like to embark upon, Tasmania has you covered!

Want more reasons to study in Hobart? Check out our blog post about studying in this great city! If you’d like to hear more about our business courses at CAC or to request a callback, check out our Hobart website.